Cool Menagerie




acrylic, pastel, Ivory soap

The theme of silhouettes continues in this cool menagerie. Cool colors accent the climate, while textured silver paint shows off. The photo doesn’t give the entire feeling when faced with the combination of line, shape, color, and texture.

The 8th in the series of 9, each one unique, yet similar. The grouping will hang in the Swartz Creek Art Gallery in the summer (TBA), and coloring pages will accompany them so the viewer can take them home, color them, bring them back in and be displayed for others to see, too.

The last one will include children, in their various contortions. If you have a photo with your child that you would like to have incorporated into my last painting, please email it to me or private message me on Facebook. I will only use interesting poses, maybe swinging on a swing, hanging upside-down from monkey bars, etc. Be creative and have fun!


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